The awesome profs of NUS Computing – A collection of short stories

I’ve always said that we have awesome profs in SoC, but I’ve never really gone into that much detail about why I (we) feel this way.  And when better to talk about it than Teachers’ Day? Haha so here it is, a collection of short stories from SoC students and recent grads about how the actions of our professors have touched / impacted our lives.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed to this article. And please don’t feel sad if I didn’t ask you for a story – go tell your prof directly how much you appreciate and love them!

This post is dedicated to all the profs of SoC. Happy Teachers’ Day! Enjoy 

Note: Stories have been edited for grammar / context.

Let me start off with my own story (so difficult to just choose one!), which was the caption to this picture I posted on Facebook 2 years ago:

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