NUS Orientation, good or bad?

Update 3 (6th Aug 2:09pm): Flag raised $472,473.45 this year, around $20k more than last year! Didn’t dare to get my hopes up when I saw how many of my friends were posting on Facebook about going out of their way to donate to the flaggers  looks like adversity really does bring people closer together! I’m so, so glad I was wrong about Flag and its beneficiaries suffering from this suspension :D

Update 2 (3rd Aug 10:27am): Looks like some of the non-camp orientation activities to be held  in the month of August will likely be resuming. Thank you OSA! Student leaders, don’t waste this opportunity to build the relationship back up (:

Update 1 (31st Jul 11:15pm): I got a chance to speak to Mr Ong Ye Kung, Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills), about this in person just now. Let’s see what happens next.

So recently, there was another huge hooha about how the orientation games in NUS are becoming increasingly sexualised. That article, followed by the one about the “strong disciplinary action” NUS will be taking, prompted me to post some of my thoughts on Facebook (scroll down for just the text alone):

My original post on Facebook
My original post on Facebook.

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