My Rec Room Contributions

A compilation of the Rec Room stuff I’ve shipped so far. Most of them are individual work; if I worked on a feature with a colleague it’ll be stated. Bigger headers represent major feature updates, smaller headers represent minor bug fix updates. Newest updates are at the top.

Find the full build notes for all our updates here:


♥ On 2.5 week vacation ♥

February 15: “Merch Booth”

  1. Merch booth client side
    • New store in Rec Center which uses tokens
  2. Merch booth server side (pair programmed with colleague)
    • XP system can now reward tokens
    • Extended gift package system to be able to give random, unique items of specified rarity

February 1: “Pirate Quest Preview”

  1. Watch UI and client side logic for new moderation system
    • Report and vote kick are now 2 separate flows
  2. Photos shared to via the share cam are now public by default

January 17: “” (new website!)

  1. Share cam updates
    • Upload photos you take in Rec Room to your profile
    • Tripod mode which freezes the camera in midair

December 20: Fixes for ^clubhouse

  1. Streamer cam now stays on when you switch rooms
  2. Fixed bug which caused the friend import prompt to never show

December 14: ^clubhouse (savable, persistent rooms)

  1. All player facing watch UI for persistent rooms
    • This Room → Details (and all its child screens)
    • Updated screen under Custom Rooms → Browse, Search, My Rooms
  2. All player facing interactions for persistent rooms

    • Create, Save, Publish, Restore
    • Report, Cheer
  3. New host power:
    • Option to only allow hosts of the current room to invite other players

November 30: Fixes for “Laser Tag”

  1. More tutorial improvements
    • “How to drop” note which appears the first 5 times a player picks up an item that locks to their hand
    • Added summary of benefits of registering as a member
  2. Fixed bug where non-members could change their display name

November 18: “Laser Tag”

  1. Client side changes of our account systems overhaul
    • New account selection scene at the very start which allows you to
      • Log into an existing Rec Room account (that’s why we need your email!), with the option to remember this account
      • One-click login from a list of all remembered Rec Room accounts
      • Create a new Rec Room account
    • Option to forget this account in the Advanced tab of Settings screen in the watch
  2. Improved toasts on the Challenges button on the Home screen and the Weekly / Daily tab buttons in the watch
    • “NEW” text shown when there are new challenges you haven’t yet seen

November 9: “RC Car”

  1. Players now spawn in the Rec Center in front of the door of the activity they came from
    • Old: You spawn in front of the Dorm Room door no matter where you came from, which crowded that area a ton
  2. New registration check when the player launches the game, before ever entering the Dorm Room
  3. Re-added teleport follow behavior to the Streamer Cam
    • The camera spawns directly behind you, and only updates its position / reorients itself when you teleport

October 27: “Cheers” (new appreciation / encouragement system)

  1. Removed the computer in the Dorm Room and moved all its functionality to the watch, so they can now be accessed anywhere in the game
    • On the Profile screen: register, update display name, update profile picture, manage profiles, manage offline invites
    • On the People screen: find people by name, import all your platform (Steam / Oculus home / PSN) friends
    • On the Custom rooms screen: enter #roomcode
    • Requesting the player’s date of birth
  2. Updated the tutorial to use the watch instead of the computer
  3. You can now fist bump while doing a thumbs up!

October 13: “PSVR Soft Launch”

  1. Importing platform (Steam, Oculus Home) friends
    • See friends’ Rec Room and platform display names + profile pictures
    • Option to import all or individually select specific friends
    • Option to skip importing friends during tutorial
  2. New additions to tutorial
    • Teach handshake, fist bump and stop gestures
    • Sandy Standy! A dummy which you do the gestures with in the Dorm Room
    • Code of Conduct is shown and must be explicitly agreed to
    • Mandatory registration, and reminder to verify email before you leave the Dorm Room
  3. Challenges
    • Reduced weekly challenges reward of 3 skins to 1
    • Daily challenges now show a mini gift box as the reward

October 2: “Maker Pen” (upgrade of 3D pen)

  1. Dodgeball: fixed bug that completely broke that game mode
  2. A bunch of secret, not yet released stuff (:

September 14: “Parklife” (new venue)

I was the Exterminator this round, i.e. bashing all those bugs! The ones which made it into the build notes:

  1. Dodgeball: added penalty for room scale walking into the court after you have been hit out
  2. Paintball: fixed voting for next map
  3. Added Sandbox Machine to the Performance Hall and Park

August 31: “Sandbox Machine”

  1. Sandbox machine (worked on it with a colleague)
    • Spawn mini items in the machine which become normal size when you take them out
    • Destroy (“recycle”) items you have spawned, either one by one or all at once
    • Sandbox machine only interactable in private games (everywhere except Quest, Rec Center, Dorm Room)
  2. Improvements to hosting a private game. Only hosts can:
    • Start a private game
    • Change the game mode or custom game settings (in paintball)
    • Activate and use the sandbox machine

August 17: “Curse of the Crimson Cauldron” (Quest)

  1. Creators of a private games now have “Event Host” powers
  2. Hosts can leave and come back to the events/private games and their powers will be restored

August 14: Fixes for “Expresso”

  1. Fixed bug where host role could sometimes not be conferred properly

August 3: “Expresso”

  1. Lounge door becomes the featured event door when the event is live
    • Previous featured event door was beside the Dorm Room door, causing a lot of congestion there
  2. New venue only accessible for featured events: Performance Hall
    • It’s just the Charades room without any furniture!
  3. New event host powers:
    • Make another guest a host
    • Silence all guests
    • Prevent guests from teleporting onto stage
  4. Watch improvements:
    • New Events button on Home screen (only active when you’re in an event)
    • Option to turn off all notifications
    • Option to tap to open watch instead of just looking at it so you don’t accidentally trigger it

♥ On 3 week vacation ♥

July 10: “Featured Events”

  1. New User Experience, i.e. tutorial
    • Rewrote the entire thing!

June 23: “Spillway” (Paintball)

  1. Voting for next map in public games
  2. Rebalancing teams in Paintball
    • Option to switch to opposing team if they have at least 2 fewer players than your team
  3. Custom private games (Worked on it with colleagues)
    • Change score to win, match duration, starting items in hand, presence/absence of field items
    • Currently only available in Paintball

June 8: “Rec Center” (New name for Locker Room)

  1. Stream mixer for streamer camera (Worked on it with a colleague)
    • Select from multiple available streams based on the current map (stationary scene views) and other players (POV or 3rd person view)
    • What you see on the reflector (computer screen) is different from what you see in game (your POV), and is based on which stream you selected
  2. Share cam improvements
    • Unmirrored selfies after they’ve been taken
    • Added option to turn off timer
    • Fixed polaroid sometimes going through walls when you try to stick them
    • Added analytics tracking
  3. Fixed stop gesture bug which made it difficult to target a player when somebody is directly behind them
  4. Too many other small bug fixes to list here

May 19: “Co-op Catch” (Disc Golf)

  1. Share Camera
    • One of our most popular objects, with almost 1500 pictures emailed (member only feature) within the first week
    • Front/back camera, save to disk, email/text to self, print (virtual) polaroid, change profile picture

  2. Polaroid
    • Can be stuck onto anything
    • Auto align and snap to surfaces instead of going through them

May 5: Fixes for #roomcodes

  1. Decreased PA system volume by 25%
  2. Turned off cleanup for moveable whiteboards
  3. Auto-correct whiteboard height and rotation upon releasing it

May 4: #roomcodes

  1. Moveable whiteboards
    • Created a prototype model in Unity, which was used as reference for the actual model
  2. New PA system in the Lounge
    • Mic: Speaking into it makes you heard throughout the Lounge
    • Speakers: Visual feedback based on how loudly you’re speaking into the mic

    New PA system in the Lounge

  3. 3D pen improvements
    • Controllable line thickness based on controller trigger pressure
    • 4 controllable colors based on which virtual button is pressed
    • Worked with artists to design a new model
  4. Changed layout for Charades to reduce amount of turning required
  5. Fixed existing bug where FOV vignette gets stuck when you teleport while holding the laundry bin

Apr 20: “Rise of Jumbotron” (Quest)

  1. Team Charades tweak based on player feedback
    • Cut round duration by half (1 minute rounds instead of 2)
    • Each team gets an additional round (6 in total instead of 4)
  2. Fixed existing Charades bug where guessers could steal the performer’s 3D pen
  3. Fixed existing Charades bug where guessers could take a new card from the box and change the current word being acted out by the performer
  4. Fixed existing bug where the extrusion from the 3D pen was impossibly hard to grab
  5. Improved Charades so that the game immediately advances to the next player when the performer leaves the game
    • Old: Players have to wait till the timer runs out
  6. Added self facing team color and name to podiums for Charades so players can remember which team they’re on

Apr 12: Fixes for “Team Charades”

  1. Fixed bug where players who joined an ongoing game of Team Charades were not respawned at the performer area

Apr 7: “Team Charades” (First major update named after my work!)

  1. New (default) mode in Charades: Team Lightning Mode
    • Minimum 2v2, two 2 minute rounds per team, team with most points wins

  2. Fixed existing bug where performer in Charades could spawn without the 3D pen
  3. Created and added to Charades room new help clipboards with instructions for Team Charades

Mar 22: “Propulsion” (Disc Golf)

  1. Stop / talk to the hand gesture which ignores and mutes a player
    • Goal is for it to be a quick and easy way to ignore somebody who is harassing you
    • Main challenge was minimizing false positives when people try to high five

Mar 8: “Clearcut” (Paintball, also my first ship!)

  1. Improved watch notification alert visuals
    • Old: A green spherical pulse comes from your watch
    • New: Watch buzzing icon projected in world space (sort of like the bat-signal) in front of you, which moves with your head to always be in your FOV
  2. Improved gifts
    • Gifts spawn at a height based on your real height
    • Gifts are now much easier to open: the tab auto completes tearing off once it passes the halfway mark
  3. Fixed existing bug where balls placed in containers sometimes fall through when the latter is shaken