2017 Resolutions!

This is insane but… I’m finally done with school. For good. After more than 20 years of my life. AAAHHHHHH! I’m still having trouble believing it! Haha I’m nervous yet super excited to start work next month! First proper job, and something I really believe in too!

But yes, as a chapter book of my life ends and a new one starts, what better time than now to set new resolutions? A public post this year for accountability, i.e. if you think I’m not sticking to them, please come and scold me. In order of importance:

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Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been wanting to create a new blog for myself for awhile now, and I’m glad to say I’ve finally gotten around to doing it! I created this blog as I wanted to document the important moments of my life; some of you probably know I don’t have the best of memories! And also because I kinda miss writing (: I’ll be blogging about anything from the crazy antics of my friends and me (actually it’s mostly me) to tech related stuff, food, and of course, nail art!

An epic photobomb :P
My ever popular photobomb. A taste of what I mean by crazy antics :D
Photo credit: Koh Zhi Kai

Anyway, YAY for my first official post! If you see any post dated before this, it’s because I’ve a backlog of pictures from events which I want to record. But for now, I shall end this here and return to editing my nail pictures :P Got a Halloween themed one coming up soon! :D

♥ sarrie