The awesome profs of NUS Computing – A collection of short stories

I’ve always said that we have awesome profs in SoC, but I’ve never really gone into that much detail about why I (we) feel this way.  And when better to talk about it than Teachers’ Day? Haha so here it is, a collection of short stories from SoC students and recent grads about how the actions of our professors have touched / impacted our lives.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed to this article. And please don’t feel sad if I didn’t ask you for a story – go tell your prof directly how much you appreciate and love them!

This post is dedicated to all the profs of SoC. Happy Teachers’ Day! Enjoy 

Note: Stories have been edited for grammar / context.

Let me start off with my own story (so difficult to just choose one!), which was the caption to this picture I posted on Facebook 2 years ago:

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A geeky Halloween

Lynnette and I as KitKat and Lollipop :D The name tags are there because… some people couldn’t tell what we were dressed up as ): somebody actually guessed Candy Crush lol what.

It all started with Lynnette excitedly messaging me and asking if I wanted to take part in that Halloween profile pic contest our school was hosting. Somehow that idea blew up to become dressing up as Androids and going around SoC giving out candy HAHA. We even managed to convince Eugene (after lots and lots of face palming from him) to follow us around to help us take pictures :D

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Why working at Google is pretty cool

Today on my blog we’ve a guest post by Lynnette Ng, SoC’s very own Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship recipient! Haha that girl is AMAZING with a million and one achievements under her belt, yet super humble at the same time (i.e. I’m not allowed to sing her praises here lol). Here’s her insight on why working at Google is so awesome, and why everybody should try out the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test.

Note: all images were provided by Lynnette, captions by me.

Just my few cent’s worth on what it’s like at Google from my visit to Google Japan, and viewing the Google Mountain View and Google Singapore campus. It’s not comprehensive because I didn’t work there nor do an internship there (maybe you should ask someone who did!) but these are reasons why Google’s a pretty good company! I’ll encourage everyone to try for the Google APAC test! :)

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Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test

Disclaimer: I was approached by the school to help publicise the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test. These are my own opinions, and I’m not getting anything in return.

Hey guys! How many of you Computing students have ever dreamed of working at Google? Whether or not it’s because of the incredible perks, high pay, or great working environment, I BRING YOU GOOD NEWS! Haha if you’re graduating in 2015 and hope for a software engineering career at Google, this test is meant for you. BUT, even if you have no intention to work at Google/are not graduating soon/just want to see how terrible your coding skills are (i.e. me ._.), you can still take part in this (:

Here’s the message from Google:

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16 things you didn’t know about NUS Computing

The NUS School of Computing (SoC) is 16 this year, and we’re commemorating it this month YAY! Haha if you’re wondering what so great about 16 years that’s worth celebrating, then you should stop thinking in decimal and start thinking in binary :P Which is also why our Gala Dinner is to be held on 24th Oct :D

In celebration of special event, I’ve decided to write a post to showcase some of the rich history of our 39 years. And so in binary numbering, here are 16 things you didn’t know about Computing. Number 5 really blew my mind!

Disclaimer: all photos in this post were either taken by me or from the school. If you see a picture of yourself here and would like it removed, just let me know.

1. Our roots can be traced back to 1975

*Warning: history crash course ahead*

A long long time ago, NUS Computing was called… the Department of Applied Computer Science. That was in 1975, when we were just formed and still a part of the Science Faculty in Nanyang University (NU). And no, NU != NTU; one has a T while the other doesn’t :P In 1978, we were renamed the Department of Computer Science (DCS), cause by then we were also teaching theory stuff like data structures and algorithms.

Our old campusI have no idea if this is in NU or BTC.

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8 reasons why you should come to Computing

Note: This list represents what my friends and I think of Computing. If you vehemently disagree, do share your reasons with me! (:

It’s been over a week since the release of the A level results, so first off, congrats on surviving your A’s! Many of you young people are now probably wondering which university/faculty/major you should apply for. 4 words for you: NUS School of Computing! Before you say me bias and close this window, let me tell you why.

SoCSee how pretty our faculty looks? :D
Photo credit: NUS School of Computing’s FB page

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