The secret to removing that annoying glitter polish

Glitter polishMy 2 week old glitter polish mani. Model’s Own Freak Out! on Sally Hansen Pat on the Black.

It’s been awhile since you painted that pretty glitter polish on your nails and it’s starting to chip, so you decide to remove it. You grab your extra strong nail polish remover, but it suddenly seems to be extra weak – no matter how hard you rub at your nails, there always are a few stubborn flecks of glitter which refuse to come off. Half an hour and a lot of used cotton wool pieces later, you tell yourself you’re never gonna use that annoying glitter polish again. At least, not any time soon.

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[Tutorial] Paddle Pop nails!

Paddle Pop nails
Paddle Pop nails! :D

A few weeks ago, I told myself, HECK, I NEED A BREAK FROM ALL THIS MADNESS! Madness because that period was final projects deadline period (or Computing gets taken over by zombies period) and everybody was sleep deprived. At that point in time I hadn’t painted my nails for exactly 1 month, and though they were still surviving pretty well, I decided it was time to change my manicure. And to my dearest friends from all my project groups, DO NOT SCOLD ME. I had an interview the next morning anyway, and totally did not want to go in with chipped nails!!

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Chinese New Year ’14

Warning: picture heavy post up ahead!

So you may have heard that my family isn’t the traditional Chinese type of family, but yes, we do still celebrate CNY (sort of)! Honestly though, I’m totally not in the CNY mood this year. Partly because I ended school at 6pm on Thursday and was late for reunion dinner, and am going down to office tomorrow for my FYP. Oh and what limited waking time I had at home was spent mostly doing assignments. Overloading on modules has done what all my previous years of schooling failed: it turned me into a mugger LOL. And now for the mandatory CNY selfies:

My pretty face ;)My pretty face ;)My pretty face ;)

HAHA those are actually the first selfies I’ve ever taken on my Nexus 5! With the front camera no less. They turned out much better than I expected :O

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Happy Halloween! :P
Happy Halloween! :P

If you haven’t already realised, this is my long awaited Halloween themed blood splatter manicure! Finally have some time to blog about this since I managed to finish almost all my work for today (: And sorry if the above picture gave you a fright or anything haha. Don’t worry, the “blood” on my nails is actually just nail polish! Remember the L4D hand I posted previously? This is the front view of it, looks much scarier right :P

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