Immanuel French Kitchen

Some of you guys may have heard praises of this up and coming stall which serves super affordable French food at the atas coffee shop (apparently it’s called Salut) just beside Alexandra Village. Well, you heard right! The food is really awesome and the pricing slightly cheaper than Saveur’s (nothing over $20!) :D So why Immanuel French Kitchen (IFK) instead of Saveur? Because IFK’s experienced chef owner, Immanuel Tee, has an impressive list of fine dining restaurants which he has worked at :D Ok la and maybe also because I know him (met him years ago in church) HAHA.

I’ve been wanting to go check IFK out since it opened this month, but didn’t really get the chance till now. The beans (AKA my besties, don’t ask me why I call them beans) wanted to meet me for an early birthday meal, and I decided this was the perfect opportunity since the place is ~10min from my office. Haha so I told them we were going to a secret location which didn’t have air con and then laughed at their reaction :P We went there for dinner on Wednesday night (~7pm), and then again for lunch on Thursday (~12pm) cause the food was really good and I wanted to try more stuff on the menu haha. I won’t be differentiating between the 2 visits in this post to simplify things.

Immanuel French Kitchen
Immanuel French Kitchen.
Photo credits: Immanuel French Kitchen FB page

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How to make the BEST croutons ever!

a small piece of fried or toasted bread served with soup or used as a garnish.

Croutons are awesome. Those little cubes of golden brown tastiness pack a mighty crunch and I absolutely love them! If your parents are anything like mine though, they’ll probably tell you to stop stealing the croutons and eating so much of them cause they’re soaked in butter and not exactly very healthy ._. But arghhhh, croutons are just too yummy to stop! Hahaha so if you’re like me, this healthier recipe is just for you! :D

Croutons and soupCroutons and soup.

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[Restaurant Week] Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Summer break is hereeeeeeee! I’ll try to post more often now that I’m slightly less busy – I only have my internship at IDA, my FYP at a startup company, 1 last sponsorship deal to close for my hall (even though I’ve officially left Eusoff T.T), my faculty events, camps and Rag to help out with, a couple of video projects with my Lighthouse Productions team, and to provide tech assistance for my best friend’s blog. So yea I can probably can update my blog every week instead of once/twice a month now! Hahaha now you guys know why I say I’m the free-est during exam period: nothing to worry about except exams. Anyway, here’s the last of my Restaurant Week reviews; finally got around to clearing this particular backlog :D

I went with my family to Buyan for lunch on the last Saturday of Restaurant Week, and I can safely say Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar is one of my favourites among the participating restaurants! Great tasting food, exceptional service, nice ambience, and no service charge :D It was crazy hot the day we visited, so the cool and dim (not good for taking pictures; that’s why the pictures in this post are all so noisy D:) interior of the restaurant was a really welcomed sight. After being seated we were given menus – on an iPad! Haha slightly more tech savvy than the typical restaurant, I like :P Here’s the menu:

Buyan menu.
Photo credit: Buyan’s Facebook page.

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[Restaurant Week] Oca Grassa

After over a month’s hiatus, I’m back! Didn’t mean to disappear without a word, but school happened >< the past few weeks have been absolutely insane for me, especially the week before last. That's the last week of school in NUS, and also the week where Computing gets taken over by zombies, cause everybody is barely sleeping haha. Now that it’s the exam period, I’m done with all my projects and am so much free-er! But enough of that, here's a quick review of the second restaurant I visited this Restaurant Week.

I went to Oca Grassa on the Wednesday night during Restaurant Week with a few of my Computing friends. Even though their dinner menu was only 1 item different from their lunch menu (lamb instead of pasta), all of us had classes/meetings in the day ): Here’s the menu:

Oca Grassa menuOca Grassa menu.

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[Restaurant Week] Latteria Mozzarella Bar

Yay it’s the Singapore Restaurant Week once again! For those of you hearing who have no idea what Restaurant Week is, it’s a biannual event during which participating restaurants offer a 3-course meal at a lower cost. The prices start from $25++ per person for lunch, and $35++ for dinner. While this may sound expensive, it’s actually cheaper than the usual fare found at those restaurants, especially for some of the fine dining places like The Lighthouse. Just remember to book in advance as seats run out really fast!

So anyway! The first restaurant I visited this Restaurant Week was Latteria Mozzarella Bar. I went on Monday with my best friends Viv and Cor, both of whom had NEVER gone for Restaurant Week before! Not that they really need the discounts anyway haha :P We were there for lunch, as their menu on the Restaurant Week website showed the same items for both dinner and lunch, and I didn’t want to pay an extra $10 for nothing. Here’s the menu:

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MU Parlour + CRAFT Bakery & Cafe

The past 2 weeks have been crazy for me (and that’s why I haven’t blogged in so long) and recess week hasn’t been much better either – just look at how I only posted once on Facebook this week! So I’m really glad I managed to squeeze out some time on Monday to cafe hop with Viv (and Simon) haha. That crazy girl is on a mission to visit all the cafes on Singapore and the best part is, she has the time and money to actually fulfil it! Jealous haha.

So anyway, I didn’t want to go too far from school so Viv suggested going to Holland Village, where there are quite a number of cafes. We were originally considering going to The Fat Cat (cause I thought its name was awesome LOL), but it’s not open on Mondays ): In the end, we headed to MU Parlour, a small place hidden away on the second floor of one of the shop houses. It’s one of those places which are really easy to miss unless you’re looking out specifically for it. The place was quite empty when we went at around 5:30pm, with just 1 other group there.

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Creamier + Soleil Chocolate

I’ve been wanting to go to Creamier for quite awhile now, but somehow never managed to find the time even though it’s just a 15-20min walk from my house. And so last night, I finally visited that cafe with my mum and sis after an early dinner (:

At CreamierAt Creamier.

Surprisingly, the place wasn’t too crowded at that time (around 7pm) so we didn’t have any trouble finding seats inside. Apparently Creamier is known for their waffles ($6), so of course I had to order that. We got 2 scoops of ice cream to go along with the waffles ($2.50 each with waffles, +80c for premium flavours), and I asked to try almost half the flavours there, much to my sister’s embarrassment haha.

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