2017 Resolutions!

This is insane but… I’m finally done with school. For good. After more than 20 years of my life. AAAHHHHHH! I’m still having trouble believing it! Haha I’m nervous yet super excited to start work next month! First proper job, and something I really believe in too!

But yes, as a chapter book of my life ends and a new one starts, what better time than now to set new resolutions? A public post this year for accountability, i.e. if you think I’m not sticking to them, please come and scold me. In order of importance:

Set aside time daily for prayer and devotions.

Every day, I will:

  • Have morning devotions, to start the day right.
    • Ideally using a physical book.
    • Discuss what I’ve learned with a partner.
  • Start and end each day with prayer.
  • When thinking of something which needs prayer, pause for a moment and say it, instead of continuing to work.

By the end of 6 months, all this will be second nature to me and I will not have to set reminders for them.

By the end of the year… I actually have no idea. Character change, maybe?

Set aside time weekly to play / watch games, especially VR ones.

Every month, I will:

  • Play AND watch at least 2 new games.
  • Answer the following questions (write them down) about the games:
    1. What’s my favorite thing about it?
    2. Least favorite?
    3. Why do I think the devs did it that way?
    4. How would I change it and why?

By the end of 6 months, I will have completed at least 12 games and gained at least 5 new insights on some of their design decisions.

By the end of the year, going through a game with a critical eye will come naturally to me. I will have completed at least 24 games and gained at least 3 deep insights and 12 smaller ones.

Set clear boundaries between work and the rest of my life.


  • Don’t stay late or work on weekends without a good reason! This is not school.


  • Call home at least once a week.
  • If I cannot make the agreed upon time, I will let my family know at least a day in advance and reschedule the call.


  • Actively participate in church and join a small group.
  • I will do this within a month of finding a church home.


  • Make more effort to stay in touch with friends in Singapore and CMU.
  • Randomly message at least three new people every week to ask how they are doing and to offer any help.

By the end of 6 months, work will not define my life. My family will be able to see / feel a change (for the better) in the way I communicate with them and I will have a much closer and better relationship with them. I will be part of a supportive church community / small group and have made at least 20 new friends.  I will have reconnected with at least 72 old friends and provided significant help to some of them (I don’t like the fact that there’s no number to hold myself accountable to here, but I don’t actually know who needs help so giving a number is probably not realistic).

By the end of the year, my family should have stopped worrying about me and I will have committed to a non-negotiable time with them every week. I will be actively serving in church, have made at least one deep friendship, and found a spiritual mentor. I will have reconnected with at least 144 old friends, have more meaningful friendships, and changed some of their lives for the better.

Phewww, that was long. Feel free to bug me about my resolutions any time if you think I’m breaking them (:


Share your thoughts with me!

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