FREE return air tickets to Korea, first come first serve!

Update: 2 new destinations have been added! Japan (Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo), and Taiwan (Taipei, Koahsiung, Taichung). If you don’t want to travel, you can choose to receive $400 F&B vouchers or $400 Capitaland vouchers.

Disclaimer: I am in no way benefiting from this – I don’t even qualify for the offer T.T just doing my job as a class ambassador and publicising this for NUSS The Graduate Club (:

Travel to Korea for freeImage courtesy of NUSS The Graduate Club (:

The catch

Like me when I first heard about this, you’re probably wondering, free return tickets to Korea (and Japan and Taiwan)? Sounds way too good to be true! What’s the catch? Well… you’ve to be an NUS student who has just graduated (i.e. your commencement is in July 2015), and you’ve to sign up for the NUSS membership (albeit at an 80% discount!).

Ticket details

Airline: Cathay Pacific
Destination: Seoul, Busan or Jeju; stopover in Hong Kong. OR Japan (Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo) OR Taiwan (Taipei, Koahsiung, Taichung)
Booking period: 1 Aug to 15 Oct 2015
Travel period: 1 Aug to 31 Jan 2016
Stay duration: Min 2 days, max 14 days
Companion tickets: Each person can buy up to 2 companion tickets at a special price of $570 (not including taxes)

The free ticket includes all taxes and is transferable to another person. However, once Cathay Pacific has printed the ticket, you are not allowed to change the name. Note that the tickets are given out on a first come first serve basis. Full T&C here.

NUSS Membership

“Huhhhh, must sign up for membership ah ):”

Yes lol, because the free return tickets are a graduation gift from NUSS. NUSS The Graduate Club is a prestigious club only for graduates (whether NUS or not), providing for all the unique business and leisure needs of graduates that no other social club can match. As Singapore’s premium graduate club, NUSS membership with NUSS opens up vast networks of opportunities with fellow graduates and professionals who share a common intellectual heritage and experience. Can you tell I just copied and pasted that from their website? LOL.

Personally, I think the NUSS membership is totally worth it – they have really nice facilities (especially the new Suntec clubhouse where our Grad Night is gonna be held at) and interesting events/promotions this free air tickets thing, private sales and Japanese sake pairing dinners, and according to my friends, incredibly cheap drinks. I myself don’t drink, so you decide for yourself if $5.30 for a martini is a steal or not. Hehe and I also have fond memories of sneaking in to (SORRY TO ANY NUSS STAFF READING THIS DON’T BAN ME FROM JOINING PLEASE!) the toilets at the Kent Ridge Clubhouse and using them during camp while the rest complain about cold water/having to travel far to bathe :P

“Sure or not. You confirm biased one lor.”

Haha ok lor. I’ll just show you some of the stuff that you’ll be missing out on :P

NUSS is Singapore’s premier graduate club with 15,500 members (comprising graduates of all local and overseas recognised universities) and three Clubhouses in Singapore (Kent Ridge, Suntec City and Bukit Timah).
Here’s a multitude of reasons to be a member, and now more than ever is a great time.

Offering quality amenities such as a 50m swimming pool, 7,000 sq ft gym, badminton, tennis, and squash courts, to varied dining options at our many restaurants, members are spoilt for choice. The Club has many sports sections such as Golf, Bowling, Badminton, Tennis and Squash for members to partake in. In addition, members will also enjoy ample opportunities to network and pursue wide-ranging intellectual, cultural, and social interests and lifelong learning activities.

What’s more as a member you can visit Conrad Centennial Singapore to use the facilities at the Fitness Centre and swimming pool. In addition, there are discounts at the spa services which is payable directly to Conrad Centennial Singapore, for more information please visit

Members may also enjoy swimming pool and tennis facilities located at Suntec City Tower 2, level 4. For more information please visit this link :

Along with all these privileges, the NUSS membership is a lifelong investment, and one that is also transferable. It’s one great lifestyle at one great price!

For more information, please check out our website at and you may also refer to for a list of our reciprocal club; this is great when you travel to US, UK , Australia, Canada and Hong Kong as you may also make use of their facilities and in some cases, accommodation as well.

“Hmm, sounds not bad. But sure damn ex!”

Well, I also think the official entrance fee of $10,000 is nuts, BUT! If it’s been less than 3 years since you graduated (i.e. 2012 or later), you get an 80% DISCOUNT and pay only $2,000!!! Best promotion ever man hahahaha. Aside from the entrance fee, NUSS also charges a relatively lower (compared to other clubs) monthly subscription fee of $60 for members and $10 for your spouse, with no minimum spending required. If you’re thinking of getting a private gym membership, consider this instead as you’ll be able to enjoy all the other facilities at a lower price!

In addition, NUSS understands that fresh grads aren’t exactly the richest of people, so they’ve come up with 3 payment plans specially for us:

Make an initial instalment of $340,( inclusive of 1st instalment of $100 + $100 refundable credit deposit + 7 % GST of the full entrance fee ) we offer a 12 months deferment of the entrance fee over 20 months interest-free instalment of $100 per month, and this can be paid from the 13 month onwards.


Make an initial payment of $295 (inclusive of 1st instalment of $55 + $100 refundable credit deposit + 7% GST of the full entrance fee) and balance payable over 35 month’s interest free instalment of $55 and $75 on the last instalment.


Make full payment of $2240 (inclusive of membership entrance fee $2000 + $100 credit deposit + 7% GST of the full entrance fee). You may take up either 6 or 12 months interest free instalment if you pay by DBS or POSB Visa / Master credit card at our reception desk.

We accept cash, NETS, credit card and cheque payments for the entrance fee. You may apply for the GIRO and choose to link your monthly statement of account(SOA) through the GIRO. Alternatively you may pay your monthly subscription with NETS, cash, cheque or Internet banking.


For those of you who want to sign up but are afraid that the free return tickets to Korea will be gone by the time your application gets processed, good news for you! I can help you reserve a ticket. Just drop me an email and show me some proof that you’ve started the application process, as well as your name and NRIC so that the NUSS staff can identify your application. All details you email me will be kept strictly confidential.

If you’re totally convinced and want to get your free air tickets, you can now register and reserve a ticket directly with NUSS! Just contact Debbie at 9127 1886 or with your name, email, and contact details (: If you do want to become an NUSS member BUT don’t want the free tickets or just don’t qualify for it (graduation year not 2015 / not NUS graduate), you can still contact Debbie too.

If you’ve read to this point but you’re still not convinced, then it’s your loss man. Don’t say bo jio hor! As for me, I’m gonna pray hard that NUSS has this offer again in 2017/18 when I return from my Master’s and officially graduate ><


Step 1: Be a graduating NUS student who signs up for NUSS membership
Step 2: ???
Step 3: PROFIT!!


Update 23/5 4.01pm: Added more info about the tickets + direct registration and reservation with NUSS.

Update 11/6 11.24am: Added info about the new destinations/vouchers for those who don’t want to go to Korea.

♥ sarrie


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