Dropbox space drain? Here’s how to get 1TB for free!

Edit for 2016: Yes, I’m aware that Weiyun no longer seems to have an English site, these Chinese cloud storage options all have relatively slow upload speeds, it might not be as secure as you like, etc. etc. Just don’t use them if you don’t feel comfortable!

Disclaimer: I wrote this solely for the reason of benefiting others and it’s NOT sponsored. Also, the 1TB free space is NOT for Dropbox.

Over the past week or so, I’ve seen many Facebook posts about the upcoming Space Drain, i.e. the free space from Dropbox’s Space Race expiring. Most of those complaints did have helpful comments about switching to alternatives like Google Drive, One Drive, or Box, but those only offer 15GB free space per service (the last I checked). I’m not sure about you guys, but I think 15GB is pretty pathetic. I’m using ~30GB on Dropbox now, and that’s just for my short term storage of files (my long term archives are somewhere else). And really, who wants to go through the hassle of using multiple cloud storage services and then forgetting where you saved each file?

Dropbox Space Race
Can you believe it’s been over 2 years since the Dropbox Space Race?
Photo credit: Dropbox

Then I suddenly remembered a chat I had with some of the SoC staff, where they were telling me about this huge cloud storage war in China in which companies were throwing terabytes of free cloud storage space at users. I couldn’t remember the companies they mentioned so… I turned to Google :D And lo and behold! Tencent, the 4th largest internet company in the world, is offering an insane 10TB of free storage on their cloud storage platform, Weiyun!!

Of course, I had to go try it out. And guess what? After spending an hour signing up for it (thanks to my non-existent grasp of the Chinese language), I discovered that the promotional period for the free 10TB is OVER and it’s back to 1TB. Omgosh I was so incredibly annoyed. Yes, ok, it might have been somewhere in Chinese on the Weiyun website (which I obviously have trouble understanding), but ALL the English websites/articles written in Jan 2015 about it didn’t mention that, PLUS the description of Weiyun’s mobile app on the Google Play Store still says there’s 10TB -.-

So I went back to Googling more options, and… came to the conclusion that maybe Weiyun was the best option after all lol. Here are the options I found, with links to them in case you prefer something other than Weiyun.

Cloud storage options

  • Weiyun (1TB) – They are owned by a reputable company, they have an English site, I don’t have to give my mobile number, and I don’t have to download their web/mobile client to get free space. Smallest space offering of the lot, but good enough for me!
  • Baidu Pan (2TB) – Another top internet company so it should be reliable. However, you need to download their mobile app, and everything is in Chinese (deal breaker for me), plus they got warned by the Chinese government half a year ago about their lax supervision of the service.
  • 360 Yunpan (36TB + more) – Owned by Qihoo 360, a top internet company which does antivirus software (though I’ve never heard of them ><) You start with 5GB and get the first 10TB only after downloading their desktop client, the next 26TB after downloading their mobile app, and more by just using the service regularly. Everything is in Chinese though.
  • Kanbox (10TB) – Owned by Alibaba, a company I’ve had good experiences with, not in the least because their English site has perfect English :P On the other hand, however, there are barely any articles about Kanbox aside from the news of their acquisition =x It also seems like you need to link an account with Alibaba’s chat app, Laiwang, or download their mobile app, or something else (not sure as everything is in Chinese), in order to get the 10TB *sigh*
  • 115.com (15GB + 1TB every year) – THIS ONE HAS AN ENGLISH SITE! It looks nice and has unlimited space too! Except… they suddenly shut down in 2012 before reopening again?! Even for a paranoid person like me who back files up in multiple locations, NO. Another huge NO is that you sign up with your mobile number instead of email D:

And now for the best part. To alleviate the pain of others like me, here’s an English guide (yay!!) on how to get that 1TB of space from Weiyun.

Step by step guide in ENGLISH

QQ sign up pageQQ sign up page

1. Create a QQ account. English site here: http://reg.imqq.com/. Tencent uses QQ accounts for most of their services so you can recycle this account for their other stuff.

2. You may or may not get the error messages “Enter your mobile number to receive a free verification SMS” or “Abnormal activities from your IP. Please continue after completing mobile verification.” when you hit the “Sign up now” button. If, like me, you don’t want to give your mobile number or pay for a burner number, just change your IP address and try signing up again. The easiest and fastest way is just to switch to a different internet connection, e.g. from WiFi to mobile data. You should be able to sign up without giving your mobile number.

Successful sign up
Successful sign up!

3. Verify your newly created account via the link in the verification email. Note that the link is only valid for 24h. I had to wait a few minutes before receiving the email, so be patient.

Account verifiedAccount verified!

4. Log in to Weiyun, their cloud storage platform. English site here: http://www.weiyun.com/disk/index-en.html. Start uploading! (:

WeiyunLogged in to Weiyun.

That’s it! Now that I look back, I wonder how I managed to spend half an hour just signing up lol. My loss, your gain. I’ve a confession to make though: I’m not actually using Weiyun now, because I’ve a *free* year of Dropbox Pro and have 1045.8GB of free space left hahahhahahha :D But in all seriousness, I really hope this post will benefit you guys in some way (:

And to those who have asked me why I haven’t posted in ages, no, my blog isn’t dead. It’s just something I maintain for fun, so I don’t exactly feel a sense of commitment to update lol. Also, I’m kinda working now haha. As much fun as it is, work is strangely draining and I’m usually too lazy to even turn on my computer when I get home. Weirdly enough, I can run around the whole day in school and still have energy left over, but sitting and doing work? Tiringgggg. Or maybe I’m just growing old :O

On a completely separate note, I recently went back on Carousell. For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a simple mobile marketplace created by NUS alumni. Shameless plug here, but do check out my listings (@sarriest, what else did you expect)! Soon to be updated with lots of clothes (I’m sitting beside a huge, uncatalogued pile of them now actually) which I rarely (if ever) wear and really need to sell because my cupboard has been exploding ever since I shifted back from hall ):

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard, one of the items I’m selling :D

Bye for now! (:

♥ sarrie


22 thoughts on “Dropbox space drain? Here’s how to get 1TB for free!

  1. I tried to register in Baidu. It asks for phone verification while registering. I tried to register for taobao. It again needs phone verification. Also chinese service providers offering TB’s of free space are mainly interested in chinese market. I don’t get enough upload speed in 360 yunpan.


    • its not legit so use at your own risk .. it asks to install / inject a web certificate on your system so it can be used to view the site.


  2. You do realize that the Chinese government has full access to ALL your data in any Chinese company, right? This also applies to an American company operating in China. There are no protections. If a company like Google or Evernote wants to provide cloud storage in China, they must willingly hand over access to all the data on all those servers to the Chinese Government. The government has a large number of people completely dedicated to searching all this personal data. I know because I witnessed it first hand. If you hand over your personal data to a Chinese company, you will deserve what you get. Very unwise.


    • These huge a** amounts of TBs of free space are a pretty obvious bait if you ask me, even though we are not better off with an American based cloud provider. The difference I see is that Americans don’t make it visible.


    • What residing government, internet service provider, or corporate entity whose services you utililize doesn’t have access to ALL the online data you willingly (and unwittingly) share? What makes the Chinese government more evil than any of the other governments or institutions handling your data?


    • I disagree. I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the YunPan 36TB offer when it was available a couple years ago. Mind you, I entered with a fair amount of skepticism but I’ve had zero complaints, issues or problems and I’ve uploaded upwards of 5.5 TB of content (documents, photos, videos, applications, etc.) to the service.


    • You can have your browser translate automatically to english and it works well, depending on what browser your using. I have Chrome and Firefox setup for auto-translation. Hope that helps.


  3. Changing from WiFi to mobile data is rather moronic when people are trying to register on their PC. It’s pointless to be using a mobile device because you’d NEVER be able to do anything with it. All the stuff you could possibly do anything with is on your PC. Mobile devices can’t handle them, let alone open them, because they’re NOT computers. You’ll NEVER be able to do with a mobile device what you can do with a PC. That site still requires a mobile number, even with changing your IP. But when you change the IP, the Captcha image no longer loads. I changed mine to a China IP. The Chinese sites are pointless, useless, and worthless. They require a mobile number, which I NEVER give out to any company as they have NO need to have it, and they require you to download shit apps that have NOTHING to do with you trying to use it on your PC. Plus, the 36Tb site only allows you to store your files. There is NO way for other people to download those files from you, even with the link provided. They’re all crap storage sites.


  4. The main problem here is that all your files are connecting (and uploading) through the chinese firewall – thus the upload and download speed is insanely slow. You can only really use this with files that you want to keep – but won’t use for the foreseeable future.


  5. That tencent website installed a virus on my computer. Even if they change the rules and don’t require you to download anything, who wants to upload and trust your files on a company that would package their software with a virus and malware? It hijacked all my browsers and made my computer impossibly slow. Took days to remove.


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