A geeky Halloween

Lynnette and I as KitKat and LollipopLynnette and I as KitKat and Lollipop :D The name tags are there because… some people couldn’t tell what we were dressed up as ): somebody actually guessed Candy Crush lol what.

It all started with Lynnette excitedly messaging me and asking if I wanted to take part in that Halloween profile pic contest our school was hosting. Somehow that idea blew up to become dressing up as Androids and going around SoC giving out candy HAHA. We even managed to convince Eugene (after lots and lots of face palming from him) to follow us around to help us take pictures :D

Obviously we wanted to dress up as something computing related, so after some Googling we settled on Android 4.4 and Android 5.0, otherwise known as KitKat and Lollipop, taking our inspiration from the Android statues. Since no Halloween is complete without candy, we decided to do a reverse trick or treat kind of thing where we went about giving out KitKats and Lollipops instead (:

Cookies & Cream KitKat!Cookies & Cream KitKat!

So why the heck did we decide to do this? Well, aside from the fact that both of us are crazy, we wanted to bring a smile to the faces of all the *stressed out* students (and profs) during this period where deadlines are coming in left, right, and centre. And also because we ourselves needed to destress. And do something crazy crazier than usual before we graduated. Hehe so what better occasion than Halloween?

Making our costumes was quite a challenge. The money for it was coming out of our own pockets, and we’d much rather spend it on the candy than our single-use costumes. In the end, we came up with the idea of using cardboard and paint/paper. And we really really must thank the Management Committee of the NUS Student’s Computing Club for so generously giving us cardboard and paint from their rag materials! Of course, lots of face palming from them too, when they heard our idea haha. And not forgetting all those who helped us out with the costume in whatever small way (: we greatly appreciate all the help you guys gave (:

Painting the lollipop at 1am in the morning.
Photo credits: Jonathan Lau

Walking around SoC in our costumes was slightly intimidating at first because everybody was totally going to judge us haha. But you know what? We were there to make people happy and to have fun at the same time, so who cares :P It was quite funny actually, watching as the incredulous looks on people’s faces turned into smiles as we handed out candy to them hahaha. The best part was when a few people came up to us voluntarily, saying they heard that we were giving out free candy :D Actually no wait, I think the best part was visiting the profs in their offices (some were having meetings oops) and watching their reactions :P

Group pic with profs and studentsGroup pic with profs Bimlesh, Colin and Uncle Soo, and the students who were having consultation with Colin when we barged in :D Uncle Soo already eating the KitKat hahahaha :P

This 1h+ walk around SoC was incredibly tiring for us. It was hot and stuffy and we couldn’t put our arms downwards to rest them cos of the cardboard, so we had to hold them out the entire time. I actually got muscle aches at my shoulder blades the next day from that D: It was also near impossible to climb up stairs in the bulky cardboard (you can barely lift your feet up and can’t see your legs at all), so we really must thank Nicholas and Jiawei for helping us up the stairs, in addition to other things!

A few people who know our busy schedules have asked how we managed to find time to do this. The answer (at least for me) is… Give up some sleep lor. Haha I honestly believe that this is a good cause, and seeing all the smiles we brought to other people’s faces made the time we sacrificed totally worth it (:

Disturbing studentsKacao-ing (disturbing) students while they are mugging hehe

Check out the rest of the photos on Facebook here! Special thanks to Eugene for taking time off his FYP to follow us around as our camera man (:

Android 4.4 and 5.0: KitKat and LollipopAndroid 4.4 and 5.0: KitKat and Lollipop.

On a completely separate note, YAY MY FYP FINAL REPORT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED! :D :D :D

♥ sarrie


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