Why working at Google is pretty cool

Today on my blog we’ve a guest post by Lynnette Ng, SoC’s very own Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship recipient! Haha that girl is AMAZING with a million and one achievements under her belt, yet super humble at the same time (i.e. I’m not allowed to sing her praises here lol). Here’s her insight on why working at Google is so awesome, and why everybody should try out the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test.

Note: all images were provided by Lynnette, captions by me.

Just my few cent’s worth on what it’s like at Google from my visit to Google Japan, and viewing the Google Mountain View and Google Singapore campus. It’s not comprehensive because I didn’t work there nor do an internship there (maybe you should ask someone who did!) but these are reasons why Google’s a pretty good company! I’ll encourage everyone to try for the Google APAC test! :)

1. Google is a dream

To work at Google is kind of like a dream job for most people.

Doodle 4 Google 2011 winner winning entry
Doodle 4 Google 2011 winning entry by a 7 year old boy.

2. You work with the best

I remember the VP of Google New York office said that one of their hiring mantras is to hire someone better than you. I think you’ll always be able to find someone better than you, more passionate than you and more experienced than you to look up to in the company. Which can be fun, because you’re always challenged at work… if you can take being always not-the-best :)

FreebiesFreebies! :D

3. It’s pressurising fun

Do you remember how many Pokemon you caught on April Fool’s this year?

Google Maps Pokemon ChallengeGoogle Maps Pokemon Challenge, April Fool’s 2014.

Google has a tradition of doing April Fools’ jokes. The picture below shows one Japanese/Chinese keyboard joke at Google Japan. It’s like a drum set. You’ve got to tap on it like a drum with both hands and legs.

Google keyboard drumsetGoogle keyboard drumset, April Fool’s 2010 Japan.

Google employees remember to have fun; and the office is set up for that! Campus relaxations, karaoke, table tennis, bean bags, bouncing balls… Plus loads of free drinks, snacks and m&m… and once someone brought a Python to work for Bring your Pet to Work day.

And you get 20% of the time doing something cool, something more out of your job scope. Some of these eventually get turned into products. If I’m not wrong, Google Keep was a 20% project done by Edwina Mead once.

Google Earth
Google Earth poster.

4. Diversity is good

Google values getting people of different races, gender and backgrounds together. Because they’re building for an international community. Like Maps wouldn’t be Maps if a woman director reject one of its first few versions, because women simply don’t use maps the same way as men.

Here’re some of the pretty cool people I met there. They’re from Japan, Sydney, America, China, Spain (I think!)…

Diversity at GoogleDiversity at Google.

5. You get to move around campuses

If you’re bored in New York, you can easily move to Japan. Or Zürich. Or Shanghai. And you get to travel the world pretty often because of business. Plus, they help you settle in by giving you a pretty atas (high class) accommodation for the first three months. It’s like a studio EC where your void deck is Amara Hotel. And if you’re in Google Japan, they give you language classes so that you can order ramen in Japanese.

Android statues at the GoogleplexAndroid statues at the Googleplex

6. There’s TGIF and TGIAF

That’s Thank God It’s Friday where staff gather at the cafe to do something, and Thank God It’s Almost Friday, where you can ask the directors anything, literally anything. I remember one of the questions was “if you’re promoting women in technology, how come your daughter is studying fine art?”.


This was SumoBot at TGIF.

SumoBot! Reminds me of a certain freshie module haha :P

Huge thank you to Lynnette for contributing this post! Can I add in one more thing? One of Google’s policy is that food should be within 150 feet of employees at all times. LIKE WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT. Just let me work there already!

Haha anyway! For those of you who are taking part in the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test, do note that Round C is starting in less than 24 hours time! It will be held tomorrow, 13 Oct, from 1-4pm, and top scorers have a chance to be invited to interviews for a Software Engineer position at Google! Also, do note that Round D has been shifted to Sunday, 9 Nov, 1-4pm. People who have classes at 1-4pm on Mondays, REJOICE! You can now participate in the test without skipping any classes :P

If you’re still wondering whether you should take part in the test, check out my previous post on it.

♥ sarrie


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