Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test

Disclaimer: I was approached by the school to help publicise the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test. These are my own opinions, and I’m not getting anything in return.

Hey guys! How many of you Computing students have ever dreamed of working at Google? Whether or not it’s because of the incredible perks, high pay, or great working environment, I BRING YOU GOOD NEWS! Haha if you’re graduating in 2015 and hope for a software engineering career at Google, this test is meant for you. BUT, even if you have no intention to work at Google/are not graduating soon/just want to see how terrible your coding skills are (i.e. me ._.), you can still take part in this (:

Here’s the message from Google:

If matching wits with coders across Asia Pacific and testing your skills on algorithmic problems sounds like fun, do not delay in registering for the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test!

To all BS, MS and PhD students expecting to graduate in Spring or Summer 2015 who hope for a software engineering career at Google, be sure to register to participate. Outstanding performers in the Google APAC 2015 University Graduates Test will be invited to interview at Google.

Registration is now open and while the APAC Test won’t kick off until August 18, 2014, we encourage you to get warmed up and practice by checking out past problems from Global Code Jam here. If this is your first time competing in a Code Jam event, take a look at our Quick-Start Guide to learn the basics of the Code Jam platform and how to compete.

The APAC Test consists of four online rounds in which students can choose to participate. The four online rounds will take place on August 18, September 15, October 13 and November 10, 2014. Find the schedule here. You may participate in any round, or any combination of rounds. In each round, participants will receive scores for providing answers to a series of coding problems. After each round, some of the highest-scoring participants may be invited to interview at Google.

For more details, please read the FAQ and Terms and Conditions.

For a brief (and nicer looking) FAQ which isn’t on their website, click here.

If, after reading Google’s message, you’re still not sure if you should take part in this test, then check out this flowchart:

Google APAC University Graduates TestTo take or not to take, that is the question.

Unfortunately, the first 2 rounds are already over, but don’t let that stop you from participating, as each round is independent of the others. There are still 2 more rounds left, and the next one starts next Monday (Oct 13), 1pm-4pm. The questions there are extremely challenging, but I like how you have to solve the simpler (relatively, not that I find them simple) small input first, before proceeding to the large input. Beware the time limit though!

To those taking the test, remember to mark the dates down on your calendar! Have fun and all the best! (:

♥ sarrie


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