The secret to removing that annoying glitter polish

Glitter polishMy 2 week old glitter polish mani. Model’s Own Freak Out! on Sally Hansen Pat on the Black.

It’s been awhile since you painted that pretty glitter polish on your nails and it’s starting to chip, so you decide to remove it. You grab your extra strong nail polish remover, but it suddenly seems to be extra weak – no matter how hard you rub at your nails, there always are a few stubborn flecks of glitter which refuse to come off. Half an hour and a lot of used cotton wool pieces later, you tell yourself you’re never gonna use that annoying glitter polish again. At least, not any time soon.

Sounds familiar? Anybody who has ever applied glitter nail polish on their nails will agree that removing it is a major pain. Which is sad, really, because you shouldn’t let that stop you from using your favourite glitter polish when there is, in fact, a method to removing it! So without further ado, here’s the secret to removing that annoying glitter polish :D

Polish remover, cotton wool, and aluminium foilPolish remover, cotton wool, and aluminium foil

What you’ll need:

  1. Nail polish remover
  2. 3 pieces of cotton wool
  3. 5 squares of aluminium foil, each around 7-10cm wide

Cotton woolCotton wool

ONE, tear the 3 pieces of cotton wool into 4 smaller pieces each.

Place cotton wool on nailPlace cotton wool on nail.

TWO, soak a piece of the torn cotton wool in nail polish remover and place it over your nail. Press it down firmly, ensuring that it covers the edges of your nail.

Wrap your nail upWrap your nail upWrap your nail upWrap your nail up.

THREE, take a piece of aluminium foil and wrap your finger up tightly. I like to wrap mine up by first placing the aluminium foil over my nail, folding the excess over the top of my finger, then folding in the sides (see images above). The alumnium foil allows the nail polish remover to dissolve the nail polish without evaporating.

Repeat with other fingersRepeat with other fingers

FOUR, repeat steps 2 and 3 with all the other fingers of 1 hand. Leave the aluminium foil on for around 5-10min, depending on how much polish you applied. For this particular mani, I left them on for almost 10min as I used a base coat, 2 coats of colour, a really thick coat of glitter polish and a thick top coat.

Pull the foil off!Pull the foil off!Pull the foil off!Pull the foil off!

FIVE, this is the fun step! Using your other other, press down on your nail firmly and pull the aluminium foil and cotton wool off. Yes, just pull it off without unwrapping it! All the nail polish should come off cleanly as shown in the images above. If it does, remove the foil from your other fingers as well, else leave them on for another few minutes.

SIX, repeat steps 2-5 with your other hand. If you have any pieces of glitter or polish left on your nails, use the remaining clean cotton wool to remove it normally. Once you’re done, wash your hands to get rid of any residue.

Remember to moisturiseRemember to moisturise!

SEVEN, moisturise your fingertips! Nail polish remover can be very drying on your skin, so make sure to massage whatever cream/gel you’re using into your skin, cuticles and nails. Here, I’m using a nail blogger favourite: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, which nourishes your nails and smells amazing :D

And that’s it! This method is really effective and convenient, and it uses less nail polish remover/cotton wool too! You can also spend the ~15min waiting time doing something productive (like catching up on your readings) instead of furiously rubbing at your nails haha. I love this method so much that I sometimes use it to remove non glitter polishes too, especially when I’m feeling lazy :P

Got any other nail tips you would like me to share? Leave a comment below or drop me a message if you’re feeling shy (:

All photos in this post have been Auto Awesomed on G+ (:

♥ sarrie


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