[Tutorial] Paddle Pop nails!

Paddle Pop nails
Paddle Pop nails! :D

A few weeks ago, I told myself, HECK, I NEED A BREAK FROM ALL THIS MADNESS! Madness because that period was final projects deadline period (or Computing gets taken over by zombies period) and everybody was sleep deprived. At that point in time I hadn’t painted my nails for exactly 1 month, and though they were still surviving pretty well, I decided it was time to change my manicure. And to my dearest friends from all my project groups, DO NOT SCOLD ME. I had an interview the next morning anyway, and totally did not want to go in with chipped nails!!

Haha of course, there was no way I could just do a single colour – BORING! I needed something simple yet colourful (colours do wonders for cheering me up!), and remembered seeing loads of watercolour nails done using the OPI Sheer Tints awhile back. Though I don’t have that collection, I had an idea for how to recreate that look. The results, as you can see, turned out even better than I expected! 3 weeks later and I’m still totally in loooooovvveeeee with the crazy riot of colours on my nails hehe.

Paddle Pop nails close up
Close up of my Paddle Pop nails.

Pretty awesome, don’t you think? They were eye catching enough that more people than usual (guys included) complimented me on my nails! I even had a random person ask me if she could take a look at my nails haha :D And so many people said that it reminded them of Paddle Pop ice cream that I thought Paddle Pop nails would be a very apt name for it :P

I used the sponging technique to achieve this look, and kudos to you if you managed to figure that out! Haha it’s really easy to do, and here’s the tutorial on it (:

What you’ll need:

  1. Make up sponge
  2. White polish
  3. 3-5 different shades of polishes
  4. Base and top coats

Base coat + 1 thin coat of white
Base coat + 1 thin coat of white.

ONE, paint on a base coat (optional); I used Poshe’s fast drying base coat for this. Paint 1 thin coat of white polish onto your nails. This will help the colours pop, especially if you’re using pastel/light polishes.

Dab on the first colour
Dab on the first colour.

TWO, using your first colour, paint a bit of it onto the corner of your make up sponge. Take the sponge and gently dab the polish onto your nail at a random spot. You may need to dab the colour onto your nails a couple of times before you get the desired opacity, especially if you’re not using highly pigmented crème polishes.

Dab on the second colour
Dab on the second colour.

THREE, using your second colour, paint a bit of it onto another corner of your make up sponge. DO NOT use the same part of your make up sponge even if you want to try and blend the colours, as this may cause bits of the sponge to get stuck to your nails and ruin them! Dab the second colour onto your nails at a different spot from the first colour.

Dab on all the colours
Dab on all the colours.

FOUR, repeat step 3 until you’ve gone through all your polishes. At this point the colours may not look blended properly, or you may still have some white peeping out beneath the colours, but no worries! Step 5 fixes that (:

Blend away
Blend away!

FIVE, using the lightest colour, paint it on the sponge and dab away at your nail until you’re satisfied with how it looks. Feel free to use all the colours instead of just 1 (like what I did) to get that perfectly blended look!

SIX, finish off with a top coat; I used the Seche Vite dry fast top coat, which is like the most AMAZING top coat in the world haha. I strongly encourage not to skip this step as sponging creates a very rough texture, which the top coat smoothens out.

And that’s it! Simple right! You will definitely get some polish onto your skin while sponging it on, but that can always be easily removed with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. Protip: do this only after you’ve sealed in your design with a top coat, or you may accidentally remove some of the polish on your nails! Alternatively, you can use glue/tape to protect your skin before starting, though I personally think that’s more troublesome.

3 weeks and 2 days later3 weeks and 2 days later… Haha base and top coats really do help your manicures to last longer k!

Hope you guys found this tutorial useful! If you decide to try it out, I’d be super flattered and would love to see your recreations! Haha just tag me (@sarriest) on Instagram or something :D For now, I’m off to bathe and do a quick revision for my paper tomorrow morning. All the best to those who still haven’t ended their exams yet! (:

♥ sarrie


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