[Restaurant Week] Latteria Mozzarella Bar

Yay it’s the Singapore Restaurant Week once again! For those of you hearing who have no idea what Restaurant Week is, it’s a biannual event during which participating restaurants offer a 3-course meal at a lower cost. The prices start from $25++ per person for lunch, and $35++ for dinner. While this may sound expensive, it’s actually cheaper than the usual fare found at those restaurants, especially for some of the fine dining places like The Lighthouse. Just remember to book in advance as seats run out really fast!

So anyway! The first restaurant I visited this Restaurant Week was Latteria Mozzarella Bar. I went on Monday with my best friends Viv and Cor, both of whom had NEVER gone for Restaurant Week before! Not that they really need the discounts anyway haha :P We were there for lunch, as their menu on the Restaurant Week website showed the same items for both dinner and lunch, and I didn’t want to pay an extra $10 for nothing. Here’s the menu:

Red Wine Bocconcini with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado Mousse

Main course
Taleggio Garganelli with Green Asparagus
Slow Cooked Beef Cheek with Green Apple in Wine Sauce and Mashed Potatoes
Seabass Filet Acquapazza Style

Tiramisu with Vanilla Cream

Coffee or Tea

BocconciniRed Wine Bocconcini with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado Mousse.

First up: Red Wine Bocconcini with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado Mousse. The Bocconcini, or ‘small mouthfuls’ buffalo milk mozzarella, were soaked in red wine, giving them an… interesting taste which I’m not too sure if I like. The texture was nice though, soft and springy with white insides and a very mild taste. The avocado mousse, on the other hand, was delish. Avocado is probably one of my all time favourite fruits, and this mousse was just rich, creamy and smooth perfection. Paired with the slight tanginess of the cherry tomatoes, they complemented the bocconcini well.

Beef cheekSlow Cooked Beef Cheek with Green Apple in Wine Sauce and Mashed Potatoes.

For the mains, I ordered the Slow Cooked Beef Cheek with Green Apple in Wine Sauce and Mashed Potatoes. One word: heavenly. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best beef cheeks I’ve ever tried! The meat was melt in the mouth tender, and the gravy went along so well with it! Those of you who know me/have been following me will know I don’t particularly fancy food cooked with alcohol, but this gravy just served to enhance the flavour of the beef. The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy, and the green veg on top was crisp and good! I don’t think that was green apple leaves (are those even edible?) and I’ve no idea how green apple is in this dish but oh well. I would totally go back to Latteria again just for this hehe :D I only wish they were more generous with the sauce, as the mashed potatoes absorbed quite a lot of it.

SeabassSeabass Filet Acquapazza Style.

Cor ordered the Seabass Filet Acquapazza Style. The skin was neither slimy nor crispy, and I thought the fish tasted slightly overcooked =x the clear broth it came in was awesome though, it reminds me of the type you find in spaghetti vongole (which is one of my favourite styles of pasta), partly due to the clams. You could really taste the seafood in the light broth! Overall, it wasn’t too bad as a dish, though Cor actually thinks that it’s better than the beef cheek (?!!).

GarganelliTaleggio Garganelli with Green Asparagus.

Viv ordered the Taleggio Garganelli with Green Asparagus. Garganelli is basically a type of pasta, and it was cooked in a creamy sauce made with Taleggio, a type of cheese. For all you cheese lovers, this is a dish you must try. The cheese taste is quite strong, but at the same time not overwhelming. And you know how some rich foods make you a bit sick after you’ve had too much? This doesn’t! The asparagus was fresh and crunchy, and even Viv who doesn’t eat veg ate half of them :O I was amazed haha. Quite a nice dish which I wouldn’t mind ordering on a normal day!

TiramisuTiramisu with Vanilla Cream.

Dessert was Tiramisu with Vanilla Cream. I’m not a very big fan of tiramisu (the mousse in particular), but I felt this was not too bad. Except maybe for the alcohol taste lol. Viv and Cor loved it though (:

Overall, I’d say this meal was really worth it for me because of the beef cheek :P It’s not on their usual menu though, which is super sad ): in terms of decor, the place looks really nice, with a mirrored wall on one side and a huge picture of (Italian?) houses covering the other. My only gripe is that some of the seats have torn covers =x

Oh and there’s also the fact that the acoustics in there is terrible. We went an hour before their closing time, so for the most part we were either the only ones or one of the few groups there. However, when we just entered the restaurant it was still quite crowded, and so noisy we could barely hear each other talking. So if you want to pay Latteria a visit, go really early, really late, or ask to sit outdoors.

InteriorInterior of Latteria.

The service there was not too bad. One of the male waiters had a faintly unfriendly vibe, but that could just be me. Another of the male waiters was very nice though; even though we stayed on after their closing time (we didn’t know lol), he not only didn’t mention it, but asked if he could help us take a picture! (:

Best friendsBest friends! (:

Latteria is about 5-10min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, at the Duxton area where there are a million good restaurants. If it’s your first time in that area you may find it a bit hard to navigate all the small streets there, so do go slightly earlier to avoid being late. And that’s it for this post! More Restaurant Week reviews coming up as soon as I find the time to write them haha.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Lunch: Sun to Fri, 12pm-2.30pm
Dinner: Mon to Sun, 6pm-11pm

All photos in this post have been Auto Awesomed on G+ (:


I realised I completely forgot to mention that they served us bread with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip! This particular dip had the vinegar taste seeping quite strongly into the olive oil, so I could taste it even if I only dipped the bread in the olive oil part. And apparently this dip is an Americanised thing and cannot be found in Italy lol.

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipBread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip

♥ sarrie


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