MU Parlour + CRAFT Bakery & Cafe

The past 2 weeks have been crazy for me (and that’s why I haven’t blogged in so long) and recess week hasn’t been much better either – just look at how I only posted once on Facebook this week! So I’m really glad I managed to squeeze out some time on Monday to cafe hop with Viv (and Simon) haha. That crazy girl is on a mission to visit all the cafes on Singapore and the best part is, she has the time and money to actually fulfil it! Jealous haha.

So anyway, I didn’t want to go too far from school so Viv suggested going to Holland Village, where there are quite a number of cafes. We were originally considering going to The Fat Cat (cause I thought its name was awesome LOL), but it’s not open on Mondays ): In the end, we headed to MU Parlour, a small place hidden away on the second floor of one of the shop houses. It’s one of those places which are really easy to miss unless you’re looking out specifically for it. The place was quite empty when we went at around 5:30pm, with just 1 other group there.

MU Parlour serves all day brunch, so of cos Viv had to order from that menu. She and Simon shared the MU Breakfast ($16), which consists of poached eggs, spicy pork and veal sausages, streaky bacon, brioche, salad and garlic fries. Too bad it doesn’t taste as good as it sounds. One of the eggs was overcooked, and the yolk wasn’t even runny anymore! Their hollandaise sauce wasn’t that good either. And the sausages was actually just one sausage split lengthwise. Kinda disappointing. At least they were really generous with their garlic fries, which were fresh from the fryer and tasted awesome (: the garlic taste isn’t infused into the fries though; instead, chopped garlic is sprinkled on top of them.

MU BreakfastMU Breakfast.

I settled for one of their signature cheese burgers, the No. 11 ($15), which includes a beef patty, avocado, streaky bacon, the MU secret sauce and a side of garlic fries. You’re supposed to be able to choose the cheese for it, but the staff didn’t ask and I forgot about it so… -1 for them. The burger bun which they used was an interesting black, which Viv said looked quite gross haha. The burger itself was quite nice and the patty juicy, though I could barely taste the avocado in it ): The cheese they used (no idea which one) was really salty though, so don’t be an idiot like me and split up the bun and patty to eat haha. I ended up eating the patty with the fries to offset the saltiness! Yup it was that salty.

No. 11No. 11.

When you order any of their burgers, you have the option to top it up with a milkshake ($5 instead of $7), or a coffee + dessert of the day ($9 instead of $7 + cost of whichever dessert, >$6). Since Viv already ordered a coffee before she discovered this, she decided (to get Simon) to try asking if they could just let us top up the remainder and get the dessert haha. Surprisingly, they agreed! Haha +1 to them! The dessert was some dark chocolate tart I think, can’t remember exactly what its name was as it wasn’t in the menu.

The base of the tart was really hard and difficult to break, but tasted surprisingly nice. The chocolate itself was smooth and velvety, and the first mouthful was actually quite good. It had a slightly strange taste to it though, which got stronger the more we ate it. We didn’t really like that taste – Viv thinks is alcohol – so we didn’t finish the tart.

Dark chocolate tartDark chocolate tart.

Overall, the food was average only, but the portions relatively large. The service there was so-so; it wasn’t as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be, but it wasn’t that good either. You have to go to the counter to place your order, and the food took around 15-20min to arrive, which was longer than expected since the only other group there already had their food served. And as mentioned previously, they didn’t ask what cheese I wanted for my burger! Haha oh well. Their decor is really nice though! I was too busy eating and talking to take any pictures of the place, but check out this album on their Facebook page. Oh, and watch out for their low hanging ceiling lights! Simon accidentally hit his head against it while standing up ><

After resting and talking awhile (ok maybe a long while haha), I suggested going to another cafe :D Viv thought I was crazy cause she was so full lol but hey, might as well make full use of our time at HV and try out another place right? Hehe :P

And so we went to check out CRAFT Bakery & Cafe, which is less than a minute’s walk away. I think it was around 7+ at that time? Not too sure, but HV was quite crowded and lively already haha. CRAFT was almost full when we reached, with only a few tables left. We were given menus immediately upon sitting, but it took them >15min to come and take our orders. Maybe we seemed too engrossed in our convo? Heh who knows. But anyway we still hadn’t decided what to order even after 15min HAHA.

After much consideration, we decided to order their Molten Cake ($9.50). Yes, it’s brought in from 3 Inch Sin so technically it’s not a CRAFT original, but whatever haha the 3 Inch Sin molten cakes are too famous for me not to try them! They’ve quite a number of flavours of molten cakes too: original, hazelnut, peanut butter, mint, caramelized banana and Baileys. I wanted to try the banana one but… Viv hates bananas ): so we got the original one in the end.

Molten Cake in originalMolten Cake in original. It’s one of the smaller ones I’ve had so far.

The molten cake came served with vanilla ice cream on a bed of dark chocolate chips. The cake itself was extremely rich and luxurious, BUT when they served it to us it was barely warm! The chocolate instead was hardly gooey at all -.- And when you spend $9.50 on a cake that tiny you expect them to at least heat it up to a better consistency than we were served.

So of course, we (got Simon to) complained about it. The guy there insisted it was ok since the chocolate was flowing out (it wasn’t), but agreed to reheat it for us in the end. I half expected them to give us a new cake/scoop of ice cream, but shouldn’t have, since this cafe also has quite a number of reviews on its poor service.

When the cake came back, it was nicely warmed and looked like it was about to collapse in on itself (since 1/3 of it was already gone) – just the way I like it! The vanilla ice cream would have complemented it perfectly if not for the fact that it was already melted when they passed it back to us in a separate cup -.- The cake itself was oh so good; soft and moist and aromatic all at the same time. It’s extremely rich so I’d suggest sharing it with a friend, or have a glass of water by your side. Or both, like what we did.

Hot chocolateHot chocolate.

Simon also ordered their hot chocolate (can’t remember the price) for himself. It came with 2 marshmallows on the saucer, with some nice latte (or rather, hot chocolate) art as a finishing touch. When I asked him how it was, he just said something along the lines of ok lor, not bad. Haha whatever that means.

Overall, would I go back to either of these cafes? For MU Parlour, unlikely, since the food was just average (except for the fries, but I love fries so that doesn’t count). For CRAFT, maybe, since technically I didn’t try any of their dishes (they serve mains as well). I also wouldn’t say I recommend those 2 places. But if you want to check them out for yourself, both cafes are within 5 minutes walk from HV MRT and there’s a direct bus, 95, if you’re going from NUS.

MU Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Fri & Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun to Thu 12pm-10pm, closed on Mon

CRAFT Bakery & Cafe
24A Lorong Mambong
Mon to Thur 11am-11pm, Fri 11am-1am, Sat 9am-11am, Sun 9am-8pm

All photos in this post have been Auto Awesomed on G+ (:

♥ sarrie


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