Creamier + Soleil Chocolate

I’ve been wanting to go to Creamier for quite awhile now, but somehow never managed to find the time even though it’s just a 15-20min walk from my house. And so last night, I finally visited that cafe with my mum and sis after an early dinner (:

At CreamierAt Creamier.

Surprisingly, the place wasn’t too crowded at that time (around 7pm) so we didn’t have any trouble finding seats inside. Apparently Creamier is known for their waffles ($6), so of course I had to order that. We got 2 scoops of ice cream to go along with the waffles ($2.50 each with waffles, +80c for premium flavours), and I asked to try almost half the flavours there, much to my sister’s embarrassment haha.

In the end, we settled for Roasted Pistachio and Butterscotch Almond (both premium flavours). I fell in love with the pistachio one the instant I tried it; I love pistachios and this is by far the best I’ve tried. Most ice cream shops aren’t really successful at infusing the pistachio flavour into their ice cream; Creamier not only managed that, but also brought across that roasted flavour perfectly. On the other hand, I thought the butterscotch one was average, though my sis vehemently disagrees (that’s her favourite flavour). Neither the butterscotch nor the almond taste was particularly strong, though the almond bits did add some nice texture.

Waffles with Roasted Pistachio and Butterscotch Almond ice creamWaffles with Roasted Pistachio and Butterscotch Almond ice cream.

And then there were the waffles. Oh were they delicious. Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the waffles came in a stack of 2 with a drizzle of maple syrup and chocolate sauce. They were thick, not too sweet, and good enough to eat on their own.

The service there was also quite good! The waffles were served warm to us with a cheerful smile within 5min, and my mum asked the waitress for another set of cutlery. When the waitress came back, we were taking retarded pictures, and she patiently waited at the side for us to be done. Or maybe she was just amused by us haha I can’t remember if she was laughing or not. The decor was pretty nice too, with lots of picture frames hanging on the walls. We spent a total of $12.60 here.

Interesting poem + pictures on the wallInteresting poem + pictures on the wall.

After we were done at Creamier, we decided to pop over to Soleil Chocolate, the newly opened chocolate themed French cafe just beside it. Yup, we still had room in our stomachs! :P

Soleil Chocolate is much smaller in size compared to Creamier (by about half I think?), and it was empty so we the the entire place to ourselves. We originally wanted to try their Chocolate Lava cake ($5.80), but it was kinda flat and sad looking in the display, so we ended up ordering their Flourless Chocolate Moelleux Cake ($4) and 3 Chocolate Bande ($3.90).

Flourless Chocolate Moelleux Cake + 3 Chocolate BandeFlourless Chocolate Moelleux Cake + 3 Chocolate Bande.

The 3 Chocolate Bande cake was not too bad, but not fantastic either. It was nice and smooth and creamy, but not too rich. The Flourless Chocolate Moelleux Cake was the complete opposite. That cake was so rich and awesome that my throat started feeling a bit heaty after that haha. But it was worth it (and I don’t really like sweet stuff)! And apparently “Moelleux” means “soft, mellow, tender, moist, sweet” in French, which actually describes the cake really well. We had ours served warm, and my favourite part of the cake was the crusted outer layer :D It probably would have tasted better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (+$2.50), but we’d just came from Creamier, so oh well.

One thing which I really liked about the decor at Soleil Chocolate was the mirrored fake windows opposite us. Have I ever mentioned how much I like mirrors? Haha not just to look at myself, but for the extra light and the illusion of a bigger room. The other wall behind us was also really pretty with the pictures and a “♥ CHOCOLATE” sign. Haha good thing the place was empty so we could appreciate the decor!


We spent $7.90 in total there. Would I go back again? Definitely! I wanna try out their other specialities, such as the chocolate fondue and chocolate drinks (which the reviews say are really good!). They also have a number of different chocolate flavours to choose from, including chocolate Baileys for all you alcohol lovers out there! I’d also recommend this place to all my chocolate loving friends for their good quality chocolate desserts at affordable prices (:

Both cafes are beside each other and really convenient to get to. They’re 5-10min walk from both Braddell and Caldecott (15min from Kent Ridge MRT if you’re coming from NUS) MRT stations, and there’s with a carpark just beside the block if you drive.

Block 128, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-835
Fri & Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun to Thu 12pm-10pm, closed on Mon

Soleil Chocolate
Block 128, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-833
Mon to Sat 11am-10pm, closed on Sun

♥ sarrie


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