Chinese New Year ’14

Warning: picture heavy post up ahead!

So you may have heard that my family isn’t the traditional Chinese type of family, but yes, we do still celebrate CNY (sort of)! Honestly though, I’m totally not in the CNY mood this year. Partly because I ended school at 6pm on Thursday and was late for reunion dinner, and am going down to office tomorrow for my FYP. Oh and what limited waking time I had at home was spent mostly doing assignments. Overloading on modules has done what all my previous years of schooling failed: it turned me into a mugger LOL. And now for the mandatory CNY selfies:

My pretty face ;)My pretty face ;)My pretty face ;)

HAHA those are actually the first selfies I’ve ever taken on my Nexus 5! With the front camera no less. They turned out much better than I expected :O

Anyway, my CNY was pretty much just reunion dinner on Thursday night; on Friday it was visiting my dad’s side for lunch, and my mum’s side for dinner. Lunch at my aunts’ house (dad’s side) was homecooked Peranakan fare – my favourite! Totally stuffed myself (over 1.5kg of food according to the weighing scale D:) and had trouble walking after that ._. Yes, I love eating, CNY is only once a year, and I’m too skinny hahahaha.

My retarded sisMy retarded sis. Can’t remember if this was before or after lunch.

Didn’t really eat that much for dinner at my uncle’s house (mum’s side. CONFUSING.) cause my stomach was already damn fat. I also discovered some pretty cupcakes which totally matched my CNY nails! :D So I just had to eat them up hahaha.

CNY nails and cupcakeCNY nails and cupcakeCNY nails and cupcake.

Unfortunately, aside from eating, I didn’t really talk much at my uncle’s place cause I made a very bad decision to take out my phone and launch Pixel Dungeon. Once I start playing something I find it really really difficult to stop ): Which is why that’s the only game on my phone and I refuse to get a Steam account. Mehhh but I did stop long enough to take retarded face pictures hehe.

No idea what my sis is doingNo idea what my sis is doing. Her nails are maroon with gold French tips which I forgot to take a picture of.

Mum decided to join inMum decided to join in.

Yay for retarded faces!
Yay for retarded faces! :D

Haha and the funniest thing ever: one of my aunts gave me a monkey angbao LOL. Didn’t know they have such cute angbaos nowadays!

Monkey angbao
Monkey angbao.

So yup, my CNY is actually quite boring. I did go to my aunts’ house again on Saturday, but that was only for lunch cause I couldn’t get enough of their Peranakan food haha. And now some (super cliche but whatever) OOTD pictures to end this post off:

Love my mum's dressLove my mum's dressLove my mum’s dress. Too bad the camera couldn’t really pick up all the detailing ):

OOTD. I got an epic look from some guy who drove pass on the road behind me when I jumped onto the ledge LOL.

Haha happy CNY guys! (:

♥ sarrie


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