MY NEW NEXUS 5 (+ unboxing pictures)!

Haha for the first time ever, I finally have a proper phone! And not just any phone too, but the best Android phone there is on the market now! Say bye to my brick of an old $0 phone (Sony Xperia Neo L) and hello to my awesome new Nexus 5! :D

Nexus 5!Nexus 5!

The model I got is D281, or the “Rest of the World” model, and it’s compatible with the LTE bands (3 and 7) here in Singapore. Chumei ordered it from Australia for me, since she was coming back for CNY (: And my mum being my mum, insisted that Chumei opened it to check it was working; sigh. Luckily Chumei put everything back properly, so aside from the cut tape, it looked totally untouched and unopened when it reached me(:

Evidence my phone had arrived
Evidence from Chumei that my phone had arrived!
Photo credit: Chumei

A week later, Chumei flew back to Singapore and came all the way to NUS to pass me my new phone! Hehe such an awesome best friend :D I was sooooo super excited cos I’d heard so much about this amazing phone!

Opening it

The white box which held the phone slid out pretty easily from the blue case, but was itself so difficult to open! No wonder Chumei messaged me asking how to open it haha. So after using my nails to pry open the box, I was rewarded with the sight of my new phone :D

Isn't it just so pretty!Isn’t it just so pretty!

It was such a beautiful sight haha and of course, I couldn’t resist taking a retarded face selfie with it :P too excited already haha.

Hehe :P
Hehe :P

So after taking the tray (with the phone) out very carefully, there was a piece of paper with the pin to remove the SIM card tray and instructions for it.

Directly beneath the phone
Directly beneath the phone.

Below that was a 1 page manual of sorts telling you where the important buttons are (cause who reads manuals anyway?), and a Safety and Warranty booklet. And below those were the micro USB cable and travel adapter (charger head) for the Nexus 5. Of course, the adapter is for Australia, so I can’t use it ): Not that it really matters anyway, since all my (and my family’s) devices are Androids (:

Contents of the box.
Contents of the box.

Using it

Even though the Nexus 5 is much bigger than my previous phone (its screen alone is the size of my old phone lol), it’s so much lighter (130g). It’s not as fat as well, and the tapered edges just make it look and feel even thinner. One thing I love about it is its matte back, which makes it feel really comfortable in your hands and means NO FINGERPRINTS!!! Even though its casing is made of plastic, it feels pretty solid and not cheap, unlike Samsung’s flagship phones which are more expensive. Haha basically its nice enough that I’m almost tempted not to get a case for it :O

Starting up.
Starting up.

Upon startup, it went through the typical Android screens. Within 10 minutes of signing in to my Google account, everything was synced and my important apps auto downloaded! I was pretty surprised at how short a time that took, since my connection wasn’t very good where I was.

The display of the Nexus 5 is amazingly sharp and crisp (1080p at 445PPI, in comparison to my laptop screen which is 768 at ~103PPI), and it’s nice to not have to zoom in to read text when accessing the desktop version of websites. There’s no noticeable lag for scrolling on the default apps, and everything is really smooth and fast. The fact that it’s running on pure Android feels great, no annoying bloatware from manufacturers! The speakers sound ok so far, but my room is quiet and I rarely play anything which requires sound on my phone anyway, except maybe for videos (which I prefer to watch on my com).

The nearby places thing in the dialler was just funny. I know Singapore is small, but I totally didn’t expect places like Changi Airport T3 would show up when I was searching from NUS! Haha I wonder what is its range? But yea anyway this is a pretty convenient feature, since you don’t have to save these numbers in your phone for them to be displayed (:

Nearby places
Nearby places.

SMS is now integrated into Hangouts, which I’ve mixed feelings about. While it is indeed more convenient that I can access both from the same location, they’re still not completely merged. So if you SMS and Hangout with the same person, you get two threads instead of one, which can get a bit annoying. Also, if you’ve a group chat in Hangouts which keeps spamming… Luckily it’s nowhere near as bad as Whatsapp (one of the reasons why I refuse to use it anymore) or I’d just download another SMS app.

The camera is not as bad as the reviews make it out to be, though it’s still horribly lacking when compared to the likes of the Lumia 1020. And yup, it’s running on 4.4.2 so it has the new camera update (: Anyway, it’s a huge improvement from my previous phone’s camera, so I’m not complaining! Hopefully now I won’t have to take 50 pictures of my nails just to find a few good ones and still have to edit them after that haha.

First picture!
First picture! Yup, it just had to be of food :P These chips are DAMN GOOD btw!

Another cool thing about this is the photosphere feature! If you’ve ever wonder how come you can see 360° on Google Street View, it’s because of photosphere. Basically you take many pictures and your phone stitches them together (their stitching algo damn fast!) into a 360° picture of your surroundings. I would totally post one I made, just that it’s so difficult to take them perfectly ): But if you go over to G+ and search the tag #photosphere, you’ll see many many amazing ones!

Google Now is now just a swipe to the left from the home screen, though I don’t really feel it makes things any more convenient since the home button is present everywhere anyway. The Nexus 5’s mic is way better than my Nexus 7’s (I know I’m comparing apples and oranges but whatever), so it’s a nice change not to have to repeat myself so many times when using the voice commands. There was one thing about it that I didn’t like though, which brings me to my next point:

What I don’t like

So I’ve heard a lot of the Nexus 5’s always listening feature for Google Now and was really excited to try it out. Guess what? It didn’t work. So I went to the actual Google Now screen itself and said OK Google, but nothing happened. Strange, cause when I tapped the mic and it said Speak now and could detect my voice perfectly. So of course I went to Google it and found out that this feature is supposedly only for US -.- Thank goodness there’s a simple workaround: switch the language for voice input to English (US).

Another annoying thing with a simple workaround is the “discrete” vibration of the phone. Discrete my foot, it’s so weak that I don’t even realise I’ve a message when I’m using my com and my phone is beside me! And for people like me whose phone is forever on silent mode with vibration enabled, it sucks. The solution is just to root the phone and install Vibration Config from the Play Store.

And then there’s this: the battery life. Yup, it’s as bad as all the reviews say it is. So far one full charge gets me through a day of light usage, which honestly is quite disappointing. I just switched a few things off (but not the always listening feature cos I really like it!), so hopefully it fares better tomorrow. Really thankful that I’ve a portable charger now!


I really wish the Nexus 5 battery were more powerful. But aside from that, I’m totally in love with how this is such a value for money phone (high end specs at a mid range price), its solid build, its super sharp display, the always listening feature, and the “pure, unadulterated Android experience” :P

I ♥ my phone (:
I ♥ my phone (:
Photo credit: Minlu

For the complete specs of the Nexus 5, check this page out. All photos in this post have been slightly edited and Auto Awesomed on G+ (:

♥ sarrie


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