Day Afternoon trip to Johor Bahru City Square Mall

After almost a month’s hiatus, I’m back! :D

Haha so yesterday, my family took a short afternoon trip to Johor Bahru City Square Mall. It was supposed to be a day trip, but I forgot to set an alarm and they only woke me up 10min before the originally planned set off time so… Haha oops.

You may be wondering, 1 entire afternoon at City Square? Won’t we get bored? I thought so too, until I went there and saw all the cheap shopping! Apparently it’s the Great Malaysian Sale period now, (according to Yong Jie) so there were huge discounts everywhere :D

Men vs women
How we managed to spend the entire afternoon at City Square :P except the cost for me is always really low and I take forever to explore caves in game too hmm.

We took a 10min bus ride on 170 from Kranji MRT across the border and walked to the mall, which is just beside the Woodlands checkpoint. The first thing we did there was… EAT! HAHA but that’s cause we reached around lunch k! My dad was super hungry so we just settled on the restaurant Kurotomon Ramen.

The menu at KurotomonThe menu at Kurotomon.

Even though the reviews said the place was good, I kinda disagree. It’s slightly pricier than most other restaurants there (but still cheaper than Singapore), and Ramen Champion in Singapore is WAY better. I particularly didn’t like their spicy tonkutsu soup base – it tasted more like kimchi soup. One of the other bases was quite nice though, I can’t remember the name but it’s description said it was rich in collagen – good for skin :D I also thought their thick noodles was better than the thin one, which my mum promptly labelled “mee kia” LOL.

After lunch, I wanted to catch a movie since they’re only half the price as compared to Singapore. Unfortunately, the only 2 interesting movies were Frozen and The Hobbit, but my sister had already watched Frozen (“stupid show!” according to my dad -.-) and she refused to watch The Hobbit. Annoying.

In the end, we just wandered around, until I spied the higher level F.O.S. (there’s another one on a lower level) having a clearance sale. And omgosh, THE CLOTHES THERE ARE SO FREAKING CHEAP!!! Most of the stuff there were going for RM5-30 (S$2-12) only! CRAZY! Haha I think I spent the next 1h or so trawling through the mess of clothes there. Unfortunately, most of the nice stuff were in HUGE sizes – imagine a skirt which can fit 2 of me LOL. Also, no trying allowed, so I didn’t dare to buy the shorts/pants cause I’ve fat butt and thighs T.T

And then I saw this super pretty pair of floral printed shorts. I’m a sucker for floral prints, and the shorts were ONLY RM20 (S$8)!!! So of course I bought it hehe :D thank goodness I could fit into it! It’s a bit strange at the waist though, sort of sticks out and makes me look like I’ve a fat stomach, but whatever. Bought 2 other fitting T-shirts (had to dig through the pile of shirts for awhile to find their smallest size ><) there as well for RM7 (S$2.80) each.

We walked around a bit more and discovered another shop (forgot the name) having a huge clearance sale so we went in, much to my dad’s unhappiness lol. I immediately saw a pair of pastel yellow jeans which were just awesome! It came in many other colours as well, and were only 2 for RM100 (S$20)!! Luckily, that shop allowed us to try on the clothes, cause I couldn’t fit into any of their sizes ):

There were quite a lot of other pretty stuff there, like this mullet skirt which was high on 1 side and low on the other (not front and back) and had a translucent train. It was any 2 items in that box/bucket/whatchmacallit for ONLY RM30 (S$12) but 1 for RM39.90 which totally didn’t make sense. BUT my dad was getting pretty annoyed with us at that point – he hates shopping – and we couldn’t find any other nice item in that whatchamacallit so we didn’t get anything from that shop. Totally regretted not buying the skirt cause it was really nice ):

And then it was tea time! We went to Pearl Waffle which had waffles that are nice enough to eat on their own. I wanted something savoury, but got overruled ): Ended up with some Black Forest waffles and a banana split one, both with chocolate ice cream. There were cherries on the Black Forest one which I ate and immediately regretted cause they were alcohol soaked; SO GROSS.

Walked around some more after that and bought a pair of mint green jeans and dark blue shorts from the lower level F.O.S. (no clearance sale there). The jeans were comfortable and in a colour I really liked, and at ONLY RM43 (S$17.20!!), it’s definitely my best buy of the entire trip! Heck, I liked it so much I would have bought it even if it was S$43 haha. The shorts were slightly more ex at RM47 (S$18.80) but they were sooooo comfortable, so… (:

Oh and apparently a lot of shops give discounts to foreigners! It was 10% off at F.O.S., so I ended up getting both items for RM81 (S$32.40) instead YAY! :D The cashier was really nice, asking if we were foreigners and telling us we could get a discount! Huge contrast to the cashier at Sasa who ignored us when my mum asked about the foreigners’ discount, only to glare at us and rudely reply “YA” when my mum asked again. If you’re wondering, I bought 2 bottles of Sally Hansen’s Extra Strength Polish Remover there hehe. Almost half a kg of polish remover for RM20.50 (S$8.20) only! Totally worth it since it’s about $6 per bottle in Singapore :D

By that time it was almost 6pm and my parents were pretty tired (they’re old). It was too early for dinner so we decided to just head home. On the way back it started pouring like mad and there was a huge jam. Also, DON’T TAKE 950 TO/FROM MALAYSIA CAUSE IT TAKES A MILLION YEARS TO ARRIVE! We switched to 170 after the checkpoint, but cause of that we ended up reaching Kranji MRT at around 8pm -.-

And that was the end of our short trip! Here’s all the stuff I bought (it’s actually really little), minus the polish remover:

My haulMy haul! :D

And the best part is that I only spent RM135.50 (S$54.20) on shopping there wahahahaha :D

♥ sarrie


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