Talking Point Live on Campus!

Talking Point Live on Campus
Talking Point Live on Campus
Photo credit: Talking Point

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in the campus edition of the Channel News Asia show, Talking Point (TP). I signed up for TP Live on Campus through the new Arts module which I’m currently taking, NM2203: Social Media in Communication Management. The topic for that forum was “Social Media – More Harm Than Good?”, with host Daniel Martin and the 3 panellists, CNM Head of Department prof Mohan Dutta, international career coach Megan Fitzgerald, and Singaporean actress and blogger Silver Ang.

And here are the links to the clips from that filming session! doesn’t allow iframes for security reasons so I can’t embed the videos T.T Also, CNA uses the Flash version of the Brightcove player (which has a number of known issues), so sorry in advance if you’re having trouble viewing them!

Part 1: More Harm Than Good?

Part 2: Can You Be Truly Anonymous Online?

Part 3: What’s the Impact of Viral Online Content?

Part 4: How Do You Customise Online Image?

Yes, I was the only non Arts student there lol. If you’re wondering why I signed up for this, no, it’s not because I want my face on TV; I was actually pretty relieved when I found out the campus edition was going to be a web exclusive haha. I probably had a completely different reason from the Arts students for taking part in this though.

My reason? I wanted to see how exactly the industry filmed these kinds of events LOL :P The entire set up, both inside and outside the room, was pretty cool, and the number of cameras and monitors was more than I expected. And oh the lights! Suffice to say, the temperature in the room was much higher; the host was actually sweating quite a bit.

Talking Point Live on Campus
Talking Point Live on Campus
Talking Point Live on Campus
They set up cameras and lights in every corner, and more.
Photo credit: Talking Point

A nice bonus for attending this was that we all got a B&J free scoop voucher, a USS discount voucher and a Zouk free pass for our time. I’ll probably give them away or something though, I didn’t even bother to open the envelop till now, and only now cause I wanted to take pictures of the stuff inside.

Anybody want these?Anybody want these?

Those who asked questions were given additional stuff, but I’ve no idea what since I only knew 1 person there and I wasn’t even sitting beside her. Haha and I was supposed to ask a question, but they had time constraints so… Oh well. Haha anyway overall it was an interesting experience! (:

♥ sarrie


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