Anatomy of an SoC welfare pack

For the first time since I entered NUS, I’m actually able to collect the Computing welfare pack! I got mine on Thurs as I had a project meeting just outside the Student Lounge and I noticed there was no queue. Haha feels so weird to be on the receiving instead of giving end, but I’m not complaining (:

Contents of the welfare pack.

Is it just me or is there more food in this sem’s welfare pack? Haha anyway Comp Club gave away 600 packs this sem, an increase of 100 packs over last sem. Can’t help but feel proud of the MC, especially the Director of Welfare and her comm! Good job (:

Anyway break over, time to get back to coding. I haven’t posted in ages cause I’m been pretty busy; just had 2 presentations yesterday and another 7 deadlines and 2 presentations over the next 10 days. Because of that, I’ve have been doing work almost non stop for the past week and haven’t really been in hall much ): Aside from this post, sleeping, showering, getting food (eating is done beside my com), and surfing the net while travelling or in class (lol oops), I haven’t had any breaks >< But I’ve got to admit, I tend to work better under stress. Oh well, all the best to everybody in this crazy period of deadlines and upcoming exams!

♥ sarrie


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