Happy Halloween! :P
Happy Halloween! :P

If you haven’t already realised, this is my long awaited Halloween themed blood splatter manicure! Finally have some time to blog about this since I managed to finish almost all my work for today (: And sorry if the above picture gave you a fright or anything haha. Don’t worry, the “blood” on my nails is actually just nail polish! Remember the L4D hand I posted previously? This is the front view of it, looks much scarier right :P

And no, I didn’t go walking around and scaring people with that mess, I cleaned it up after I was done with the pictures. It looks pretty amazing after clean up and top coat, like “a work of art”, as one of my friends (a guy!) put it. Here’re some pictures taken in the sunlight:

Full pose
In the sunlight.

And here’s how it looks like under artificial lighting:

Full pose
Left hand under artificial light.

Full pose
Right hand under artificial light, taken by Eugene Chiong 3 days after I painted them.

I used the splatter technique to achieve this look and yes, it was my first time trying it out. As promised, here’s a tutorial on it (:

What you’ll need:

  1. Straight drinking straw
  2. PVA glue or tape
  3. Plastic sheet (I used the empty plastic wrapper one of my NUS shirts came in LOL)
  4. Scissors
  5. Nail polishes (DUH)

ONE, cover your workspace with the plastic sheet and tape or weigh down the edges. This technique is simple but extremely messy, so try to cover more space than you think you need.

TWO, cover the skin around your nails with either PVA glue or tape. If you’re using glue, spread a thin layer around your nails till about half way down your finger. The glue will turn transparent and shiny as it dries, which takes a few minutes. If you’re using tape, cut out 2 pieces per nail. Tape the longer piece around one side of your nail from the base up, then fold it over the top of your nail and tape the other side. Tape the shorter piece around the base of your nail.

GlueTapeGlue and tape.

Taping is definitely more convenient, but I personally prefer using glue as it still gives me much more mobility and allows me to use my fingers as per normal. This was important to me as I did both hands at the same time (and got nail polish all over my handphone when trying to take pictures), instead of finishing one hand first, which I recommend doing.

THREE, paint a base coat (optional), followed by a base colour. The base colour doesn’t have to be perfect or completely opaque as you’ll be covering most of it later. I used white as my base colour.

FOUR, dip the straw directly into your bottle of nail polish, making sure that the straw opening is completely filled with polish. And then the fun begins!

FIVE, hold your straw around 10cm away from your finger and blow through it as fast as you can so the blob of nail polish splatters all over your nail. DO NOT SUCK THE NAIL POLISH UP THE STRAW! The harder you blow, the nicer the splatter effect tends to be. You can try varying the distance of the straw from your nail; the further it is the more stringy and less blobby the splatter looks. Too close and you’ll end up covering most (if not all) of your nail in a blob of polish which will dry (very slowly) as a thick layer.

Red splattersSee the blobs on my third and little finger? TERRIBLE.

SIX, repeat the previously step with as many colours as you like. I wouldn’t suggest using too many colours though, as the design gets really complicated after awhile. Also, each time you blow into the straw, some of the polish fumes go into your mouth and it can get quite disgusting. Anyway, cut off the bottom of the straw which has polish on it and you can reuse the clean, top part of it for the next colour. Alternatively, you could just use a new straw.

After 3 coloursAfter 3 colours.

SEVEN, once you’re satisfied with the colours, remove the glue/tape from your fingers, hopefully while your polish is still wet. The glue/tape should come out in one piece, but if it doesn’t it’s no big deal.

Pulling the glue offThe gluePulling the dried glue off in one piece.

Before and after removing the tape.

As you can see, the entire area around your nails will be covered in polish, and covering it in advance saves you a lot of clean up headache. The tape isn’t as effective as the glue in protecting the skin around your nails, but it’s better than nothing.

EIGHT, wait for the polish to dry sufficiently before cleaning up the skin around your nails. You can remove most of the stray polish with a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover. If you’re lazy like everybody else, just rub it off under hot water or while you’re bathing, but make sure it’s completely dry. If you want that perfectly clean, straight line look around the design instead of flooded cuticles, use a small angled brush (makeup brushes work well) after you’re done with the cotton bud. It doesn’t work very well unless you dip it in pure acetone though; nail polish remover isn’t strong enough.

NINE, apply a top coat. You can skip this step if you want, but I would strongly suggest you use it, or the design will feel very bumpy/blobby and not be able to last long.

TEN, ogle at your work of art :D Haha and clean up your workspace by throwing the entire plastic sheet away (:

THE MESSTHE MESS. So glad for that plastic sheet!

Super long post but hope you guys enjoyed it! Please show me your design if you decide to try this splatter technique out haha :D

TL;DR: Dip a drinking straw into your nail polish, aim it at your finger and blow it out. If the polish doesn’t splatter properly, READ THE WHOLE TUTORIAL.

♥ sarrie


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